Summer Drinks Are Here

Launching our Iced Drinks for the summer. Available only at the truck. Visit us to get your summer chill on!

Kokum Lemonade

A sweet and sour tangy lemonade made with real Kokum fruit

Iced Masala Chai

Ice-cold plant based Masala Chai with freshly ground spices

Authentic flavors from our grandma's kitchen put together in contemporary formats

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Our Secret Sauce... The Sauces

This is what it's about, try the Butter, Coconut or Spinach Sauce. They are all to die for... a patron described it best, "OMG, the sauces are bomb!"

Balanced with indulgence

Growing up we ate mostly veggies and meats were reserved for special occasions. Our menu reflects that balance. Almost all of our ingredients are plant-based with some meat options thrown in.

Concious Cooking

We care about what goes in our bodies and we care about what goes in your body. We pick the best ingredients that we can find.

Our food is made without harmful chemical preservatives, artificial colouring and additives such as MSG.

Our Mission

Eat Well. Feed Well.

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