Our Story



Indish is food inspired by our roots and travels. Balanced meals that are packed with flavour. Mostly plant-forward but with some indulgences. More than 80% of our menu is plant-based. Simple ingredients can be elevated to magical proportions by the addition of spices. That is the magic that we are trying to recreate with Indish.


Authentic Flavors

Indian cuisine changes from one household to the other. We use the simplest of ingredients, and add our own spice blends that come from our families' kitchens to create flavours that are true to our roots.

Casual Take

Usually going out for Indian food is a whole thing. Traditional Indian food tends to be messy and requires a sit-down atmosphere. We’re trying to change by adding Indian flavours into formats that can be enjoyed on the go and without the hassle.


Balanced Meals

Most food fads are just that “fads”. We believe in serving clean food that is not overly processed or full of chemicals. Removing carbs or gluten from our diet in favour of protein is not sustainable in the long run and is potentially harmful to us. Similarly, replacing all animal products with fried carbs and junk food can also be pretty bad for us. The food that we grew up with which was mostly lots of vegetables with occasional meat can be a good way to balance our diets.

Eating out model flipped

Most regular restaurants that we see are more 80% meat and less than 20% plant-based. Our goal with Indish is to flip this model on it’s head. We are more than 80% plan based and less than 20% meat and dairy.